Get A Vin Diesel Body Using His Workout Plan

by admin on June 1, 2011

The Vin Diesel Workout Plan

We all know that Vin Diesel has a rocking body.  The ladies love it and the guys want one just like his.  So,  how do you get a body like Vin Diesel?  What’s the Vin Diesel Workout routine? Well, if you ask most of the fitness “gurus” (losers), they would tell you to start with

The “Big 3″ Exercises:

  1. Benchpress
  2. Squats
  3. Deadlifts


These are great exercises but they will not give you the Vin Diesel body or look.

Here is the problem with focusing your efforts on those 3 lifts

Squats and Deadlifts add a lot of muscle in all the wrong places (your hips, butt and thighs). Bench presses add muscle to your lower pecs causing them to look rounded and droopy.

Check out this video that explain it a little better…

vin diesel workout plan video1 Get A Vin Diesel Body Using His Workout Plan

Now if you didn’t watch the video, it talks about how the big 3 gives you curves in all the wrong places.

So what if you gain 20 pounds?

If 90% of that muscle is on your hips, thighs and butt…you are actually going backwards as far as aesthetics goes and will not achieve a physique like Vin Diesel.

So if you want to achieve the Vin Diesel body, you need to workout smart.

In order to look like Vin Diesel, some people need to put on more muscles while others need to lose body fat.  Well, with this second video you will learn how to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time.

Watch this video now to  Learn how to put on muscle while losing fat…

ronnie workoutvideo Get A Vin Diesel Body Using His Workout Plan

Gaining muscle without getting the spongy fatty muscle is how to get it done.

If just gaining muscle created a great look, then there would be a lot more sharp looking people in all of the world’s gyms…

Unfortunately, that is not the case!

Gyms are loaded with meat-heads who may gain respect in the gym, but look kind of “goofy” out in the real world And will never get girls Vin Diesel.

Women are turned off by dudes with too much muscle. It kind of makes sense…

I mean seriously, what girl is going to like a guy who can only wear baggy pants and his neck is like a tree trunk?  Ladies like the “Hollywood” look, big muscles tight ripped muscles in the right spots with a chiseled stomach.

Here’s a video which explains how to get tight firm muscles and help out with your six pack…

ronnie jerseyshorevideo1 Get A Vin Diesel Body Using His Workout PlanNow that’s an awesome plan to get a body like Vin Diesel.  I must warn you like I stated above, if you want to look like Vin Diesel then you must stick to a plan.  Doing random workouts and the wrong diet can put you on a path of looking funny and just plain wasting your time!

Here’s the Vin Diesel workout routine to get the Vin Diesel Look:

  • Lift using a strategic rep range to achieve the lean “Shrink Wrap Effect” so you can see your abs.
  • Lift to increase muscle density to achieve and angular hard looking physique and not bloated and puffy.
  • Add muscle in the correct place.
  • Get Ultra lean as quick as possible without losing muscle mass.

The only Workout that focuses on achieving the look of Vin Diesel…?

That course is called – Visual Impact Muscle Building

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